Located in Northwest Ohio, SAY Security Group USA engineers and distributes advanced Digital Video Recording and Surveillance Equipment for OEMs, dealers, and distributors in North and South America. SAY Security Group USA is an extension of an international company with offices in China, Australia, and Hong Kong. The USA operation was launched in 2002 in response to customer requests for in-country support and product distribution. SAY immediately acquired the customer database of its largest distributor, which allowed for instant penetration of the security product sourcing and service market. Outsourcing to several manufacturing facilities overseas has allowed SAY USA engineers to focus on creating the software found in every product. Our engineers complete the final process with ample time to custom-build each machine. This combined effort allows us to provide premier digital technology through the final product. SAY Security only distributes products it can directly control via source code or some form of SDK. This maintains SAY’s commitment to support every one of our products fully.